Semantic SEO

Conversation about Semantic SEO

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Everything started with my thoughts on a article written by Damian Thompson and called What The Heck Is Semantic SEO & Should You Care At All?  At the end of the day it doesn’t matter whether you call it Semantic SEO or just SEO. Adapting to the semantic search topography will be part of every SEO’s job description going […]

Google Translate gets smarter with language detection

The new version of Google Translate application

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Today in their article called ‘Google Translate gets smarter with language detection, Word Lens‘, announced that Gooogle is updating their Google Translate by integrating  Word Lens, which instantaneously translates written text. Google surprises us every single day. What was probably a science fiction just a few years ago, today is not just reality but […]

Semantic Search

2015 SEO Predictions

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Semantic Search is changing SEO forever. It’s all about optimising your content and everything you do online for your customers rather than just Google, and this is a radical shift in thinking. SEO 2015 Workout: How To Gain Weight from SEMrush Google wants us to be more human. Words like trust, authority, personality are fashionable […]